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Terms of Service

On August 20th, 2017 Discord updated their Terms of Service with new rules on how/when bots can store user data ("End User Data" in their ToS). We (bot owners) are now obligated to notify our users of what kind of user data we store. Everything is as it was before, we are simply required to have a ToS that users must agree with.

By using Nano, you agree that we may collect some user data.
The data we may store is, but is not limited to: usernames, server and channel names. By using features like reminders and the voting system you agree that we may store the data you input along with other user data to preserve and aid functionality of the bot.


Things to mention:

If you are technically literal and know your way around Python, you can also inspect the source code to see the implementation of these features.
If you stopped using Nano and want all user data removed from the bot, contact me on Discord.