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Frequently Asked Questions How do I add Nano to my server? It's easy. Just click on this link, sign into Discord (if not already), select your server and click Authorize Commands are not working! There are a few possibilities: You're either using the wrong prefix (get it with nano.prefix) or Nano is sleeping (ask an admin to wake him up with nano.wake) A feature is broken! Before reporting a bug check a few things: check if you are using the right prefix (with nano.prefix) and look at !help [your command] to see if you are using the command correctly. If you are, then it would be nice if you could report this bug to me/helpers on the Nano Lounge I have a good idea for a feature! Every suggestion is very welcome and will be considered. When you have a solid idea, make sure to tell me at Nano Lounge or use !suggest [your suggestion] Where can I see upcoming features and known bugs? I'm currently using Trello to track progress on new features, improvements and fixing bugs. I want to translate Nano into my language! That's awesome! Join the Nano Lounge and send me a DM! Oh, also check the #announcements channel for requirements when you join ;)
Guides How do I set up Nano's prefix? Nano Admin It's simple.
Run the command nano.changeprefix your_prefix (where your_prefix is the new prefix you want).
How do I make someone a mod / admin? Nano works on a principle of roles for permissions. To begin, create two roles: Nano Mod and Nano Admin. These roles DO NOT need any permissions, the only important part is the name. To make someone a mod, assign them the role Nano Mod and for admins, give them the Nano Admin role.
Nano Admins automatically get all permissions that Nano Mods have. A detailed list of commands for each role can be found on the commands page under categories Moderator and Admin.
How do I make Nano ignore a certain channel? Nano Admin Nano has a feature called blacklisting. With it, you can specify channels to ignore.
Then, simply run this command: nano.blacklist add #your_channel (where your channel is the channel you want to ignore)
How do I set up "Join Messages"? Nano Admin To set your join message, simply type this: !joinmsg [your message] (replace [your message] with the actual message).
The following formatting applies:
:user -> mention of joined user, :username -> user's name, :server -> server name

Example: !joinmsg :user, welcome to our amazing server!
How do I allow normal members to give themselves a role? (selfroles) Nano Admin First, you must set up the roles that you want to have accessible to normal members of the server. To add a selfrole, use nano.settings selfrole add [role name] and to remove it, do nano.settings selfrole remove [role name].
Normal users must use the command !selfrole followed by the name of the role. If they do not know what roles they can access, they can list the server's current selfroles with !selfrole list
How do I change the language on my server? Nano Admin To see the available languages, type !language list. Keep the language code in mind and type !language set language_code (where language_code is the two-to-four character code of your language).
This will change your server language. Keep in mind that this feature is still in its "beta" stage.