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Nano's commands

(last updated: 3.8)

Nano's default prefix for commands is !, but it can be changed. Just keep in mind that you might have to use a different prefix on your server.

Legend: () - parameter is optional, [] - parameter is required

  • Fun
  • Useful
  • Help
  • Games
  • Reminders
  • Other
  • Moderation
  • Admin / Settings
Command Description Aliases
!cat (jpg/png/gif) Gives you a random cat pic (defaults to gif)
!xkcd (latest/random/number) Fetches XKCD comics for you (defaults to random)
!achievement [text] Creates an achievement with your text in the style of Minecraft's "Achievement Get!"
!joke (yo mama/chuck norris) Tries to make you laugh (defaults to random joke)
!8ball Answers your questions. 8ball style.
!meme [meme name]|[top text]|[bottom text] Captions a meme with your text. Take a look at imgflip's meme list for convenience.
!decide word1|word2|word3|... Decides between different choices so you don't have to.
!dice (dice expression) Rolls the dice (defaults do one 6-sided dice)
Dice expressions are a common way of displaying dice stuff: 1d6 means: throw a 6-sided dice once, 3d8 means: throw an 8-sided dice three times.
You can also combine multiple different types of dice with +
!roll [number] Dice with custom amount of sides (1 to number)
!hello Welcomes a mentioned person, or if no mentions are present, you
!kappa Memes.
!quote Brightens your day with a random quote
!randomgif (tag/category) Sends a random gif from Giphy (optionally, you can specify a tag/category to search for)
!rip (something/@mention/text) Rest in pepperoni
Command Description Aliases
!define Gives you the definition of a word from Wikipedia !wiki
!urban [word] Gives you the definition of a word from Urban Dictionary
!avatar (mention or name) Gives you the avatar url of a mentioned person or if not present, yours
!commands Displays a link to this page !cmds
!invite Gives you a link to invite Nano to your server nano.invite
!selfrole [role name] Allows everyone to give themselves an admin-set role (you have to know name of the role) (see Admin for setup)
!selfrole list Displays all available selfroles in the current server.
Command Description Aliases
!help Displays a basic help message
!help [command] Shows info about a certain command
!suggest Sends a message to the developer. Use this only if you're not in Nano Lounge
!bug Tells you how and where to report bugs if you find 'em A little bit about Nano
nano.prefix Shows the current server prefix

Game Search
Powered by

Command Description Aliases
!gamedb [title/keyword/...] Looks up information on all kinds of video games.

The user parameter should always be either ending of user's url or an id.

!steam [user] Searches for the specified steam id. Sub-commands below !steam user
!steam games [user] Lists all owned games that the user has
!steam help Help for !steam


!tf [item name] Gets item prices from (not great for items with unusual effects/sheens)
!mc [item name or id:meta] Searches for items and displays their details and icons
!osu [username/id] Displays stats for an osu! player

Time input examples: 1h 3min, 2d 7min, 6h, etc...
Also, keep in mind that reminders are not second-precise (more like minute-precise).

Command Description Aliases
!remind Displays help about reminders. !remind help
!remind here in [time] :/to [message] Adds a reminder. You will be reminded in the channel you start this in
!remind me in [time] :/to [message] Adds a reminder. You will be reminded in your DM
!remind list Lists all ongoing reminders and time left
!remind remove [your content / 'all'] Removes a reminder (or all reminders)

These commands require a permission: Nano Admin (except !vote).

Command Description Aliases
!vote [option number] Votes for an option if there is a poll going on (does not require any permissions)
!poll start "title" choice1|choice2|... OR
!poll start "title" choice1, choice2
Starts a poll on the server
!poll end Ends the poll if there's one active
!poll status Displays info about the ongoing poll
(this command does not require Nano Admin

Movie Search
Search powered by The Movie Database.

!imdb Searches for films/tv series and displays things such as release year, summary, ratings, ...
!imdb search [title] Searches for films/tv series and displays things such as release year, summary, ratings, ... !imdb
!imdb plot [title] Displays more plot info about a film/series.
!imdb rating [title] Displays different ratings for a film/series
!imdb trailer [title] Gives you a link to trailers of a film/series
!imdb help [command name] Displays available commands regarding movie search / info about specific command

Other commands
Mostly for 'advanced' users

!ping Checks if Nano is running
!members Lists all members on the server
!server Displays general server info
!github Link to Nano's source code on GitHub
!stats Some stats like message count, etc.
!status Displays current status: server, user and channel count
!debug Displays EVEN MORE stats about Nano
!uptime Tells you how long te bot has been running for

These commands require a mod permission. To make someone a mod, give them a role named Nano Mod.
For more info and common mistakes, look into the Guides section of FAQ

Command Description Aliases
!say (#channel) [message] Says something (#channel is optional). Useful for announcements
!ban @mention Bans a member nano.ban
!unban [user name] Un-bans a member nano.unban
!kick @mention Un-bans a member nano.unban
!softban [time] | @mention Bans a member for specified time (for time formatting, see Reminders tab.
!nuke [amount] Nukes (deletes) last number or messages. Keep in mind that you can only nuke messages up to 2 weeks old!

Muting works by simply deleting users' messages. Keep in mind, that if a muted user has Mention Everyone permission, their message will still mention everyone.

!mute @mention Mutes a member
!unmute @mention Un-mutes a member
!mute list Lists member are currently muted !muted

These commands require an admin permission. To make someone an admin, give them a role named Nano Admin.
For more info and common mistakes, look into the Guides section of FAQ

Custom commands
Custom commands are a way to add dynamic responses to your server, such as rules and other info.

Command Description Aliases
!cmd add [command trigger] | [response] Creates a command
!cmd remove [command trigger] Removes a command
!cmd list (page number) Displays custom commands. Move though pages with reactions.
!cmd status Displays how many commands you have and how many more you can create

Server settings
Admins can change server settings, such as join message, invite filtering, etc.
Server settings can also be set to None to disable that setting.

1. General
In join/leave/... messages, the following formatting applies:
:user -> user mention
:username -> user name
:server -> server name

nano.sleep Puts Nano to sleep - temporarily disables commands
nano.wake Wakes Nano up - enables commands again
!joinmsg [message] Sets the message sent when a member joins !welcomemsg
!leavemsg [message] Sets the message sent when a member leaves the server
!banmsg [message] Sets the message sent when a member is banned
!kickmsg [message] Sets the message sent when a member is kicked

2. Channel settings
Sets channel settings like the log channel and the default channel for join/leave/ban messages

nano.settings logchannel [#channel/None] Sets the log channel. Set to "None" to disable
nano.settings defaultchannel [#channel/None] Sets the channel where join/leave/... messages should be sent (None to go back to default)

3. Moderation settings
Sets server settings like word, spam and invite filtering

nano.settings spamfilter [True/False] Enables or disables the spam filter
nano.settings wordfilter [True/False] Enables or disables the swearing filter
nano.settings invitefilter [True/False] Enables or disables the invite filter

4. Selfroles
Selfroles allow normal users to give themselves a role set by admins

nano.settings selfrole add [role name] Adds the role to a list of roles that users can give to themselves with !selfrole
nano.settings selfrole remove [role name] Removes the role from a list of selfroles

5. Custom Languages
Nano supports multiple languages. If your language is not yet translated, apply in our server as a translator!
See Nano on Crowdin for a list of current translations.

!language list Lists all available custom languages
!language set [language code] Sets language for the current server (see !language list for a list of language codes)
!language General info about current language

6. Blacklisting
Blacklisting makes Nano ignore certain channels

nano.blacklist add [#channel] Adds a channel to command blacklist
nano.blacklist remove [#channel] Removes a channel from blacklist
nano.blacklist list Shows all blacklisted channels

7. Role management
This group of commands allows you to quickly assign or remove roles from a user.

!role add [role name] @mention Adds a role to the mentioned user
!role remove [role name] @mention Removes a role from the mentioned user