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Changelog - Update 3.8

Hi everyone, it's been a few months since the last update, but here it is at last! This time, I tried to focus on adding something new, but also fixing the things that **REALLY** need to be fixed (like the spam filter, see below). ## Massive improvements to the spam filter As the title suggests, I have worked on a better system for spam and swearing detection and it is included in the 3.8 update. Since the beginning of adding a spam filter I knew there would be some false positives, but as people reached out and showed me some of the stuff that was getting filtered... it had to be fixed 😑 (massive thanks to Etanarvazac, Nerf Expertise and others for bringing this to my attention) The new system detects "gibberish" (like *asdasdasdasdasd*), excessive amount of caps, mention spam and even repeating messages. If you feel like the system could still benefit from better detection and have an idea, please reach out to me in the support server. ## New command: !gamedb This command was in the back of my mind ever since movie search was added. It is powered by (check 'em out, they are pretty cool). ![Game search](../images/gamedb.gif) The usage is very simple: **!gamedb [title]**. The command shows a short description, ratings, genres and even a trailer (if available). ## Rate-limiting (the good kind) Some of you who know what rate-limiting is are probably already thinking: "Ohhhh no, he's gonna set restrictions and make us pay to use Nano". No. For those unfamiliar with the term, rate-limiting simply means that your usage of commands per certain time is... not infinite. The reason I included this is because with the bot growing bigger and bigger, there will always be some people just ruining the fun for others and spamming commands, which until now made the bot lock up for the entire shard (~1000 servers). ### The big reveal As I mentioned above, Nano is still completely free and available for everyone. The rate-limiting system is adjusted to limit a user to **2** commands per **5** seconds. You will rarely hit that limit, but it is a necessary thing to prevent abuse. If I notice people hitting this limit often, I will probably increase it to 3 per 5 seconds. --- ## Other changes This update also includes a *~lot* of bug-fixes, but I won't go in-depth because they are boring. Before you get bored and close this tab, please note that **!vote start/end/status** has been renamed to **!poll** to better reflect the actual function. The usage has "again" been changed: **!poll start "Any ideas?" No|Go away|Yeah, but I'm too lazy** - you can use quotation marks to enclose the title and **|** OR **,** as a separator for the choices. **!imdb** usage has been somewhat simplified - you can now type *!imdb Love, Simon* instead of having to type the "search" subcommand (I know right, what a game changer 😊). --- ## Self-hosting Important news for self-hosting: Nano is now available as a docker image! A complete guide will be posted, but for those already familiar with [Docker]( ##### This setup uses docker-compose, all you need to do is: - Download docker-compose.yml and data/ directory with filled out examples (do not download anything else) - Run docker-compose up (optionally with -d if you want to run in background) ## That's pretty much it! Before I end this blog post, I'd like to thank all of you for reading though this post and for the support you have given this project. Also, Nano is soon to reach **4000 SERVERS**. WOOOOOW! That's a lot of people! Imagine this: if only one person from each server were to like this bot, that would be like a quarter of the entire stadium near where I live. **Mind. Blown.** %video:../videos/mindblown2.mp4%